For a one-off 15-minute private session, £50.00

For a one-off 15-minute private session, £50.00

About Us

My Bio

I AM A SELF-LOVE COACH. I Teach Self-Awareness that can give you clarity of yourself from a broader perspective.

I felt pain, suffered physical mental and emotional abuse, was being the victim, felt powerless, and was not sure if I was on a direction of growth and expansion of destruction, feeling happy and sad, but having a desire to experience a different life, my choices lead me to a point where I can understand my life and why many events took place. This meant I started to have internal introspection with the support of attending workshops, study groups retreat and personal coaching to assist me in learning new concepts about my life. As a result of this choice, I realise that I am an amazing, brilliant, sufficient, love essence and that I choose my existence. When II realised this my life changed.

Having run workshops and coached individuals they begin to realise this aspect of themselves and feel more empowered, love, and sufficient too.

My Career

I have worked in the financial services and property industry for many years. I have a club in Clubhouse called AdLove Club where I sometimes discuss this topic.

I am writing my book on relationship affairs addressing whether someone expands or reduces their life due to an affair.

Manny Fernandez (an angel investor of Silicon Valley) was awarded the Heart of the Month award in December 2021 for Our Mindset Club.

Teach couples and individuals the concept of growth and expansion to enable more love in their lives. I work with children and adults and all sexes.

From my personal mentoring experiences and training in areas of Self-love. I realise that who we are is love, and many are not aware of this statement but choose to denigrate, abuse, self-harm or contract themselves.

Expand your mind

I have lived in London for over fifty years. I was born in Guyana. Learn more about expanding your mind to the awareness of your SuperSelf.

My business name is Expand Life Mastery.

Its purpose is to provide individuals who choose to express themselves more in life and had similar experiences as I mentioned above the opportunity to choose to be different.

Over 40 years of mortgage broking and financial advising experience. Being a shareholder and advertising director since the launch of the First Black London Weekly Newspaper called The Voice.  

I have studied in the area of Self-Love and growth and expansion for over twenty-one years expansion. Now, I teach these concepts through private and group sessions so that if people choose, they can use them to empower themselves. Feel free to join our WhatsApp group, where free content is shared.

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